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April 10, 2018 @ 9:30 pm – 11:30 pm America/New York Timezone

My name is Alex Tuohey (or Alex2e) and I’m here to explain what I’m about. To be honest, I was never a music kid growing up. I played sports my whole life and never took to music like some others did. At my high school it was seen as “uncool” and although I never thought that, I wanted to be on the jock side of the house.

Later on in life at the age of 23, a major surgery laid me up on the couch for 2 months and I hit a pretty low place in my personal life. I’m not much of a TV guy and always had a “bucket list” type thought that I’d like to learn to play guitar. So that’s what I did. Through watching countless YouTube videos and online lessons I begin to teach myself guitar and drive my parents and later roommates insane in the process. The hours turned into months that turned into years. At 24 I begin to try and sing. I worked my ass off at both and finally played my first live show at 25, accompanying a local recording artist as part of a duo. Now at 28, I play roughly 10-12 shows a month, in cities like Hartford, Boston, Burlington, NYC and Chicago. Eventually I would like to play across the country. Impossible? That’s for you to decide. As cliché as it sounds, I don’t believe anything is impossible. I plan to keep grinding, outworking and taking any opportunity to let my music be heard. Whether it’s in front of 100s of people or it’s just in “My Mother’s Bathroom”, I will ride this dream until I can’t anymore.
My new EP is named “My Mother’s Bathroom” because for awhile it was the only place that would let me play. The Talkboy you see me using (giving “Home Alone” nostalgia) is a logo I use because as a kid I would hold it up to the TV and radio to try and catch my favorite songs on a cassette tape. It’s an honor that you even took the time to read this far to get to know me a little better. Eventually, I’ll have much cooler stuff to put in here but for now I think this is a good starting point. I hope to meet you soon.